Saturday, January 19, 2008

Has Anyone Seen God Lately?

Sometimes a cloud all but dispels,

my sight of God to see

Tis not a natural kind of cloud,

but busyness wrought by me

For schedules and meetings,

for friends and new company

Days are rather hectic

and the nights so fleeting be

God’s not moved or left me,

His promise always true

He is ever waiting,

my way not His I do

Times I’ve not acknowledged,

of His light my path to guide

Yet still He waits and I wonder

why still He stands my pride

Has anyone seen God lately,

visibly is what I mean?

Has He shown Himself, have you glimpsed Him,

maybe silent, maybe serene?

“Yes I have,” a voice within me,

shouts out loud as to be heard

“I saw Him just this morning

as I read inside his Word.”

Then the truth came flashing,

bold and loud and clear

I saw God this morning,

His handiwork there in the mirror

I saw Him again in my family

as we all swiftly our own ways did depart

Each one a special blessing from Him,

each one expressive of His heart

Wait, there He is again,

found masterful in shrubs and trees,

His artist touch has written,

and each leaf proclaims, decrees

That He is the God of all creation,

of all the things that be

Both now and forever,

right on through eternity.

Next time I struggle and strain,

His face and hand to see

I’ll rest and find great comfort,

knowing I have seen God lately!

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